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Other Bits

A few weeks ago, amidst all the pleads for donors that were circulating both in the news & in life, I went and signed up with One Match . Actually, I had started the process a few years ago, but my husband talked me out of it w/ scare tactics of companies having my dna on file & how I react badly to needles as it is.
It has always sat in my gut as being the wrong choice for me (the backing out) though. A strong guilt, if you will, nagging me to continue on. I'm already a blood donor & have been for years. Some years more routinely then others - but I do like to make an effort. Its a little harder at times because we have to actually drive to the city (2 1/2 hrs away) to be able to make a donation as they no longer have the mobile units. As I occassionally feel woozy afterwards (and can not eat/drink the items they have in their cafe due to my many food allergies) I don't always like to venture down solo. However w/ my husbands shifts being all over the place - …

The Eagle

THE EAGLE He clasps the crag with crooked hands; Close to the sun in lonely lands, Ring'd with the azure world, he stands. The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches from his mountain walls, And like a thunderbolt he falls.  By  Lord Alfred,Tennyson

Whoops, I seem to have left the yellows for my Eagle @ work so I won't be completing it fully this weekend as I though I would be able to. No worries. I have finished all the black (except the final outlining of the beak) and do have the red to finish up the wings.

Fun In The Mail!
My dd loves pandas. She really wanted to do a cross stitch of them for herself & I came across this cute one on ebay. It is a kit (a well put together one I will add ~ as it not only came with all its colours presorted; it came with the aida cut and the dmc #'s for the colours on the chart as well!)  Its actually a very large piece because it is stitched on 11ct. And while each panda is on its own separate piece of cloth (the kit came with 3 cu…

This week has Gone to the Birds!

Stitch literally!! Both my big & little projects this week that I've chosen off the WIP/UFO list are avian in theme. I'm not sure when I started the Northern Cardinal. I think it was originally tabbed to be a 'any child' charity piece for one of the quilt stitching groups but never did get completed. Thankfully it wasn't one that anyone was expecting or waiting on so I harbour no guilt on its incomplete nature. I came to that conclusion based on the square size of the surrounding cloth in comparativeness to the small bird plunked in the centre.
However - like with all things - it should really get finished and find a good home. I have discovered that there is a large berry that needs to be frogged out as it is 1 line out of place. Infuriating! Now I could just leave it & pretend its suppose to be that close to everything else, or actually take the time to frog it and move all 70 stitches now that 1 line....but I probably won't.

As both pieces are on 18…

Another 2 off my list!!

Da Tada DAaaaa! Let is Snow is complete! This is a poor photo (taken with my dd's ipod). Now just to get it framed. Hopefully this will be the last of the snow for this season? Most of it has melted off our front lawn, though there are a few large patches by the apple trees & in the flower beds by the deck. Everything else is ugly brown....and sloppy where it has yet to absorb into the ground.  **Fingers crossed the forecast for the next few days is wrong***

A Mother's Love COMPLETE!!! I decided to put the little boys name along the bottom in 435 brown.

 Now I just need to get a mat cut so I can put it up into the frame.

Fun In The Mail:

2 leaflets arrived. This wintery scene can be shelved. I want SpRiNg and fun coloured stitching right now.

The second is The Bridges of Madison County. I love the kissing bridge references. I'm going to have to do a bit of searching to find our Canadian bridges and replace the American names with our own. I'm fairly certain that …

Closing In

So this week I worked on Let it Snow. Adding the rest of the green to the trees, the red to the toque and the purple to the sky. The blue is slowly closing in and I need to locate my 3753 skein in order to complete the shadowing. There was plenty of time for stitching today as we were amid an ice rain storm for most of the morning - then flurries and harsh winds this afternoon followed by more wind and ice rain this evening w/ the promise it may get down to as cold as -14 during the night. Definitely not a sunny spring day that we would like to get. I think Mother Nature has forgotten Alberta likes springtime just as much as the rest of the province/country. Granted, stitching something asking for snow in the title is probably jinxing warmer weather.

Quaint Discovery: 
Stuffed between 2 magazines I rediscovered this participial started piece. As the chart is only on a single loose page, pulled from an unknown magazine - I would like to get it stitched before I lose said page. This was s…

Small Things

As I work (and live) in a small rural area, we have many farms, meaning many farm-ers. I have a pair of customers (a father/son duo) who come in and are aptly dubbed my "Flirty Farmers". The father will be celebrating his 81st birthday in the next few weeks. He has made a fair # of comments to the effect of wanting a kiss. Which he will not be getting other than the candy kisses in the dish I have on my counter. That's taking the "sealed with a...." notion too far. Ha!

A great example would be the tale that happened around Christmas time. There is a lady whom he once dated ("dating" in the sense that older folks do) and one day he met up with her in the parking lot and he'd told her how she needed to give him a Christmas kiss because I had already done so. Believing him she parted with a smooch on his cheek and ventured into the office. She of course shared this little event and I snickered to pointed to the candy dish on the counter with Hershey&…

This week's Goals

This weeks big stitch goals were to work on "Let it Snow" as well as "A Mother's Love". The smaller stitch goal was to work on "Fox".

Fox- Just needs a head. I finished his little body and tail & did the back stitching for those parts, but he's still headless. Shall take him to work with me tomorrow as it is a short day & should probably get him completed.

Let It Snow - I finished the border, the snowflakes and the words at the top. There are a few areas of gray I need to touch up on in the snowman shadowing and his toque, as well as some of the trees. The biggest part left is the blue background. 

A Mother's Love- I got a lot done on the giraffe's as well. I finished stitching the mother's head, and did the back stitching on both baby & mama's faces. There is still a fair bit of lower body as well as grass to stitch though. The customer for whom it is being made for came in today. I decided I couldn't keep it a secret…

Productive Weekend

So this weekend turned to be a dud in way of travel due to poor weather. However, it did leave ample time for stitching. I was able to complete the little baby ornament for our World Vision sponsored child. Not the child specifically, but for the little brother that was welcomed into the family back in December. I'm not sure the child's name so just put "Baby Boy" in lieu of a name space. It's not as faded colourwise as it shows here, but they were pastel colours.

I also was able to finish my Barred Rock Hen! Whoop!  She's from the BH&G's Cross Stitch Magazine 1993. There was a trio. I stitched the White Leg horn one a few years ago. My folks have it in their cabin. Eventually I'll get the 3rd done too now that I've found its working copy. The magazine itself is disintegrated after so many years of opening and closing. It was my VERY FIRST cross stitch magazine. Given to me by my mothers friend. I stitched many of the pieces in those pages. 

Earth Worm -an

I have this dreaded piece called "The Earth is our Mother". It came to me from a friend with one of the hands already stitched. You can tell it's the only thing she's done on it compared to my own added stitches because she's left handed and I'm right. Thus all her top crosses slant to the right and mine the left.

None of which really matters - the part that does is that she sent it to me....and the story behind its travels. The story goes as such:

Once upon a time (yes I'm going with that. Shush and enjoy the story)...once upon a time, there was a friend to two women. She was known by her friends as Amie Zonn. This friend found a piece of inspiration that she just knew she needed to have stitched for her home. She also knew that she, with her life as busy as it was with homeschooling her 3 children, her serious medical issues she was dealing with in her family, and her involvment of her blogs - that she would never have enough time to stitch the piece her…

Wednesday "Hump" Day

While sorting through some things at work I came across my Barred Rock Hen cross stitch. (Yup little projects randomly placed)...Took her home & was able to put in a few stitches there while waiting for meetings (after work) to start. I had wondered where it had gotten too. 

Completed my Walk the Line. Now I just need to find a nice frame.

Perused Ebay & wound up ordering a few inexpensive pattern charts. Two on old barns, one on covered bridges, and one really big kitted one with pandas for my DD.

Made a start on the Cute as a Bug over the weekend.

OH the Temptation!

Today I got a double dose of temptation. In the mail today I received the baby sampler I recently ordered. "Cute as a Bug". I also have the boy version ordered too but it is currently on back order. Needless to say I was very glad that it was just the pattern (and colours I had accompany it) and not the cloth or I may not have been so smart as to not put a few stitches in right away. The 'idea' is to stitch this twice. Once in the colour pinks provided in then again using purples (probably the 209-211 dmc colourings).

On top of that, I'm involved in a SAL over at Lud In the Mist and this months section of the Asian Fantasy arrived in my email today as well! I am stitching the blue colour palate for Satsuki. 
Both will have to wait though because I am soooo close to completing the "Walk the Line" piece for my best friend (and wife's) pending new adoptive arrival. Plus I'm 1/2 way through the "Mother's Love" for a customer couple of …

Starting Fresh

I have decided to create a blog specifically for my stitching projects. One that is separate from my personal life blogging. It will help to keep me organized in my projects....hahaha who'm I kidding? It'll at least give me a set place to express my cross stitch obsessiveness in open forum. :p

In the mean time, while I try to establish some order to my projects binder, my chart shelves and the tangled ball of dmc skeins that I dread having to fish through for the correct # required for the current project du jour.

Brief "About Me" I've been stitching for over 20 years. Started in grade school as a time passer when assignments were done or the new books hadn't arrived in the library. I like to stick to medium sized projects. Nothing too fancy and big or it just won't get done. I gaze dreamily at the HAED designs but know I just do not have the patience to see them through if I were to start. 123 Stitch is my go to for pattern droolage. I try to limit my w…