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Mother-in-Law's gift

Here is what I have thus far on my MIL's gift. As there are 12 hearts - I figure that if I do a single heart + a few leaves & flowers every day....that I should be completed this project in about 2 wks. My husband pointed out that I'll be going on a trip right away here, and since I won't be taking this project with me - it will take longer then that. However, I smuggly pointed out - I didn't say "consecutive"weeks. LOL As of today I have one of the newest family members added (Ashtyn 3-23-13, daughter of SIL #1) Madalynn's name will go on the right hand side (daughter of SIL #2, the most new having been born on the 23rd of this mth).

Wedding Projects


Floss, fabric & a pattern arrived today!!!

The blue sky fabric (not pictured) is for my cousin Aimee's wedding. The bag of floss & pattern shown are for my cousin Jason's wedding. It is from Stoney Creek ~ their Serenity prayer cabin. I plan a few other tweeks - such as forgoing the poem as placement forthe wedding info, names/date/etc; will be removing the deer (which looks like its back legs either are about to give out or its needing a potty break) and perhaps even a set of cattails that look out of place.

Both are equally important as they have actual deadlines that will be shortly arriving. The 1st one I'm working on, as her wedding comes first - is entitled "Wedding Dress Abstract". A simple silhouette style of black/white & a splotch of red for a rose. I bought it off of Etsy The dimensions are 139x173 stitches. On 14ct its suppose to be 9.93 x 12.36 inches. The piece of fabric that arrived for it today is only 9 x 17....…

A few finishes - The week of July 22-26

I went back & realized I didn't post the completed product of "Eagle at Sunrise". I'm still unsure of what its finishing technique will be. I think I shall have to learn some DYI techniques for mat cutting so I can be a bit more creative with framing more of the completed things. Along with my WIP's binder - I also have a Finished binder. Mainly filled with smaller stitchings that don't really have a reason other then they were cute or time fillers when I chose to stitch them. But that's besides the point.

Stitches Added:

I put a few stitches into "Strength" while sitting at home, outside, in the sunshine - as that is the easiest way to see though the navy cloth.

I also put a block of colour into "The Glass Skull". Good goddess that's going to be a boring piece after all.

Which brings me to admitting new starts....


I have started the Christmas gift for my MIL. Now that my husband's brother has had his 2nd baby (Dre…

In Sad passing....

2 days after wedding his bride, Tyler slipped into a coma. Over the next 2 weeks his wife lovingly sat by his side, despite his parents (also there) being so unbearable - their disdain for his bride abundantly clear. Sadly he passed on Sunday (the 14th)

He is survived by his loyal wife & 5 children.

I finished off their wedding piece so she will have one more positive treasure from the day she finally married her Cowboy.

Learn to Floss

Boo ya!!! My large order of dmc came in yesterday! I've paired it all up with their intended projects and am quite excited about it.

So Rustic Barn (the one pictured) gets its floss.....

The Crab is In - Gets its specialty flosses

Lobster gets his flosses -

I get to do some more work on hubbies :Strength piece now that I have the correct floss for that.

Love Tree is a small piece, easily carried around in my purse so I've added it to the floss gifting for when dd & I take our Mother/Daughter trip in a few weeks.

The rest of the pile goes towards Amie's piece - which I couldn't take a photo of as I couldn't find the pattern or started fabric when I did project photos. I'm sure its not far as the rest of these were all together.

Pause & Reflect

I'll start with the fun stuff because its a little more uplifting. I'm not overly fond of reading posts where straight off the bat its dreary news, that'll come but I don't want it to be first. Plus, if I put the harder stuff at the beginning, adding cheerful at the end comes across (at least to me) like I'm trying to bury the heavy. It's like telling a child "your pet has, have this lollypop".

SO!!! On to the Yay Stuff!!!


Some of the items arrive via email in pfd form like:
Wedding Dress SilhouetteHug MeWoodland Sampler SALSummer Sampler SALDrinks All Around Claddagh Knotwork
The Lot -  there are 2 pieces of Fiddlers (oatmeal) aida cloth 14 x 32 if I remember correctly & 3 packages of just white aida.
A dragon pattern along with 2 of the speciality threads required and a love tree.

Here is a closer view of the Dragon "Noon Basking". I have someone in mind for this, though do not think I will get to starting…


The soccer season has finally come to an end. Our girls (The Annihilators) were hard working, skilled and played as a team. Their last game, an already closely matched game with our other town team w/ just 1 point separating us from them in the tricounty standings - was riveting the whole way through, sadly we lost by just 1 point (score was 3-2 for the Blitz). This means our girls disappointingly do not get to go onto Provincials this year.

In years past I have stitched a piece for both the coach & co-coach. Had the girls sign the mats & give it to them at the season closer picnic party. This year there was none of that. My daughter didn't want to do the gift giving stitching and the coach is not a picnic closer kinda guy. I have stitched a piece for him though and shall give it to him when I turn my dd's jerseys. It is a repeat of the piece I made for our co-coach last year, only having changed the colours of the word "soccer", the cleat colouring and of co…