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Stitchin' and Stashes

Its been a long boring stint at work in the afternoons, most people do their pick ups in the mornings. Leaving me with plenty of stitchable time useage, especially now that fall is in full swing and people are making less effort to even venture out of their warm homes (not that I blame them) or are in the throws of trying to get that last bit of harvest off the pastures. 

I completed a small smiling pumpkin baby book insert for my niece. This is her first Halloween.

I finally finished my cousins dress piece. Whoop! I added a bit of glittery silver ribbon to the sides as the backing mat didn't quite stretch to the full length of the frame opening, and I was unable to find a mat I liked to go along with it. Now all I have to do is mail it off. 

While I've been plugging away at the cabin piece. It doesn't quite feel like I've made progress until I look back on here and see where I was at last posting. Mainly because once again, I incorrectly counted by 2.…