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March 11, 2014

Family life has been quite chaotic the past while. I haven't done very much in way of progressive stitches. I have started a few pieces; cut out the cloth for others and rounded up a large collection of dmc for these future projects.
Did you know: that Michaels has a 200 items per sale limit? I know possess this first hand knowledge. I also find it very bizarre that for such a big crafting store, that their tills do not contain a 'quantity' button. Each skein (and more over any item being bought) has to be individually added. It would be much simpler to just go 3-quantity button-scanned item, or so forth.  It made for lots of idle chatter time with the sales rep, who doesn't stitch but would like to eventually. Who doesn't know why they don't carry a better selection of leaflets (they used to I informed her) or material (because they're very low on that in stock as well). I just shrugged. Not much I can say when a business has decided to cut their craft dow…

Week end - Month End

As you can see, the Clipper is complete. It only took a day to do. Stitched on off white Aida.
Began work on Harvest Helper.

Husband was kind enough to buy me some white Aida while in the city earlier this week which will be used for some of the other pieces selected in the 'Me March' post.
I've also gotten farther along on my Welcome Horses piece.