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Month of Stress

Have children they said - It will fulfill your life they said...

It's too bad that all these large family promoters forgot to leave some of the key elements out. Like how having children is like having your heart wandering around on the outside of your body and you are at the mercy of all things good & bad that it can encounter.
They forgot to mention that there is more heart ache then you could ever imagine should your children get sick, hurt, in trouble, heart broken themselves. I don't recall my mother suffering a bleeding heart as much as I feel mine has been ruptured.
There was the debate of how it would be harder to raise a daughter then a son because you have to deal with the inevitable hormonal mood changes. I would like to tell those people they are very wrong. I have little issues with my teenage daughter. She likes sports & activities & is a good hearted person. The 3 sons on the other hand are a whirling tornado of chaotic emotions and stress because th…