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Updating for 2015

Rarely do I log on via the computer this year and can not seem to update anything beyond a basic post using my mobile devices. So today I've actually taken the time to adjust my projects list page, adding items not currently listed, crossing off those that are complete and for my own sanity making sure to add the year they were finished as well as to whom they were intended/given. *Hopefully* this will keep 2015 on track. I'm not going to bother to try and follow a 'calendar of stitching completions' this year because 2014 was such a stressful year that I didn't manage to follow the one I had enthusiastically put in place. I was quite pleased with the amount of projects that did manage to reach fruition though. I've even gone and added a page that lists my projects PRE-Blogger (so before 2013). Holy Hannah! I didn't realize there were so many!!! 
There are a fair bit on those lists I'll definitely need to finish by next Christmas if we're hoping to p…

Christmas is Fast Approaching

600 English & 38 French letters along with 85 Santa postcards have gone through my office this year! 
With the year being as chaotic and fretful as it has been in not really in the spirit of celebration. I continue to lag in my stitching and will once again have an over flow of starts/WIPs to roll over into 2015.
I did get some more Grumpy cats done. This litter went to Wes, Cheryl and my cousin Shannon.
I think I like the ones on the green cloth better. 
Neil's ornament was finished and given.

Did a little penguin for my cousin Denise.
And make a few other last year pieces into ornaments for this years giving, like the Inuit fisherman (for Janice).