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Postcards and Peepers

So....,Chicken Math {^-^} Adding a few new babies to my flock.  I am just keeping 3 of these cuties. I'm bringing the other 3 to my mom tonight. I thought I knew which ones I was saving for me, but then my daughter seen them and called dibs on a few. So I've had to slightly alter the selection of who goes to moms.  We're keeping the soot black on at the far end (because she looks like our other chicken Wednesday). • Mom gets the pretty barred rock. I'm keeping the golden-red one & the tiny peach one. Most of my flock are dark colours, except for Harriet and Monday & Tuesday tend to pick on her so I'm hoping another light colour bird will even things out.  •Than Mom gets the grey/brown and the reddish/black columbian x's. I'm not 100% the greyish one is a pullet. She may wind up being a roo; but that's okay for her. I just can't have them in my yard. 

I think I shared this photo before, but this is my established flock. Monday & Tuesday (the bro…

June Smalls SAL

Ronnie's requested piece is taking much longer than I had hoped I'm 3/4 of the way through....but it's been raining non-stop here, which makes it hard to go outside and stitch. It's quite dark in my office even with a desk lamp. Just have to finish the stag & mountains on the left side; add the word "Back" & outline the word "supplies"

For my smalls - I've done 2 "library secret" bookmarks, to accompany my library books when I return them.  One is for "The Price of Stones" and is actually a paper doll chart from the XStitch Country Crafts magazine titled Cousin Maggie & Friends.

The second one is for Eats * Shoots & Leaves. My daughter suggested leaving off the 1st girl's leg for emphasis. I *think* it was from CrossStitch Crazy magazine (it was a number counting set of small patterns w: 6 girls).