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July Smalls SAL

Image 2016 Smalls SAL 
2 more finishes - one from the WIPs drawer (Chicken Trio) and a fresh Start/Finish (Cat Attitude).

A few years ago I gifted Linda some chicks when I put in my order. Alas she found out she was indeed allergic to birds and had to give them away herself. I'd started this piece with the thoughts it would be a set of birds she wouldn't react to. 😉 I dropped it off to her today at lunch. She wanted to know if it was a "Red Bench" stitching. Haha. I assured her it was and she seemed happy. 
My Red Bench is, well, just that. A red bench we've set outside my office that I spend a great deal of time on when it's quiet. 

I did the Cat Attitude for a sassy community member. She's turning 82 shortly here & had asked me last year for a cat stitching. When I found this one I immediately thought of Shirley.  The blue flowers that make up the body reminded me of China tea cups that boast the similar pattern.

She was very excited re…

Drama, drama, drama

Small towns are not as cozy as we dreamed they would be when we moved here almost 10 yrs ago.

We've been having issues with members of our community the last few years & we'd finally come to a calm....then the other night there was another unexpected issue brought forth so now its drama again. I can't go into it as the police are now involved & its before the courts. It would be so great if these troublesome people would just move away - but since that doesn't seem to be the case, I've been daydreaming on the site. What I do know is its really hurting my family and we don't feel comfortable in our own home anymore. I've got a few homes favorited back East - and looking at some property in our province in case we just decide to build something.

The heat is taking a tole on my birds. We lost Gabi, the little white bun-looking chicken to heat exhaustion. Skippy, one of my EE's, also felt the heat and developed some breathing issues. I h…

Finished the Requisition!

Finished of Ronnie's requested piece today! He saw a preview of it in the am while I was working on the back stitching.
Here's the business card inspiration and the final stitching. 
I'll take it to the city tomorrow and get it framed/mounted.