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Snow bound

Yuck!!! 40 cm of snow fell this past weekend. The sun is trying desperately to pop through the cloud coverage but it's still not warm. A balmy -2c for a high today.

I've completed the stitching for Collette's mitten, more than 1/2 way through Louis' and have started a 3rd.

The pattern has 5 of these snowman mitten friends strung in a row, but the smallest one is on the crease of the booklet so it's harder to get a working copy made of it on the scanner. 

Mid October

Few new starts for this week. Stoney Creek's "1 cup @ a time" from the Jan/Feb '02 magazine. A quick 2 day stitch. This will wind up as someone's holiday gift. I've got an idea for who but not 100%.

I learned a new painting technique recently from a local shop, Sunday Morning Chic. The proprietor, Anita, has started holding workshops now that her store is in a more centralized location. The class I attended dealt with using her supplied paint brand Fusion. Using the beeswax rubbings to create worn spots we painted step stools. I think I will use this etching with a dark brown paint for this piece. Just have to hit up a few 2nd hand stores for a frame.

For another gift for some of my older customers, I started my first mitten from the pattern by Diane Arthurs called "Mitten Friends". The one i began yesterday will be Colette. 
I've stitched it on sparkly Aida.