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Last days of January

This week I'm working on completing 2 WIPs.

Today I worked on House Rules and got the blue added.

Over the weekend I put some back stitching into Country Companion. There's still a bit more gravel to stitch as well. 

We went to a paint nite in the city with some friends Saturday afternoon. The guys even participated with little complaining. (though I doubt they will be a part of a repeat date). I love my hubbys moon. The blending turned out really good.

Working through the Wips

Whoop! 1st WIP finish of the new year. "Tranquillity" by Ship's Manor. I stitched it on Jazz Aida & it will finally go to the kid's bus driver.

 I added the phrase "Today is Beautiful" in Hawaiian to fill up a bit more of the empty space. While this photo looks grey, the frame is actually a blue colour. It went to Leah, my brother Jon's GF.

And for my participation in this years Smalls SAL by Stitching Lotus: Here are some of the smalls I was able to do this month.
We support 4 children through World Vision. One of our girls is celebrating her birthday next month so I've stitched up this bag to hold her marbles in. 
Another little quick stitch for a customer who complained they felt left out from not getting an ornament year

I finished off Ray's little Bumble Bit pillow for blessing me with a couple of these 2L buckets of his delicious honey each year.                                                       Up close. 

And last but not l…

Unfinished Items from years past

YIKES! I've just gone through my yearly lists of new starts and counted up all the WIPs that were left straggling after the year was over. I'd love for this to be the year I can thin out that bin, as it is full to bursting. I'm sure if I avoided the temptation (hahaha like that will happen) of the fantastic new stitches I see about becoming new starts I could make a bigger dent. After all, I do have the Start/Finish quota at a higher finish level than I do Wips at the end of each year.....Looking back in:

2013: 38 starts - 29 finishes = 9 left overs     
Then 3 more of those were completed in 2014; 1 in 2015 & another in 2016. So that brought it down to 4.38 starts and only 4 left overs.2014: I had 33 new Starts. 16 of those became finishes = 17 left overs             (Plus 3 of '13)
Grand total 19 finishes that year. 2015: There were 58 New Starts. 46 of them became Finishes leaving me with just 12 left overs         
Plus I finished 9 left over from 2014; and 1 from…

2017 - Happy New Year

This year has started our fairly well I think. Its already done the 1st week of 2017 - which is a little freaky that it's gone by so quickly already. Mom hosted our immediate family get together this past Wednesday. We wanted to do our present exchanges personally & separate from the large extended family hub bub. The intent was that at least 4 of her 5 children could be in attendance. My sister lives at the other end of the province & as the sole-bread earner in her house, could not get away. She'll be coming some time next week for a few days.
The one brother, whom I do not get along with & his girlfriend chose not to show up after all - which for me was a good thing; but for mom, was disappointing.

Regardless of that life drama - we did manage to have a good evening. The gift I had intended for my youngest brother fell through so I had to improvise and make his a stitching FAST. I was still putting the final chunks of white into the clouds as we drove down to m…

December Smalls SAL

Eek! We've reached the end of the year. Time to take restock of the WIPs bin and figure out what will be a plausible completion for next year.
I didn't reach my goal to get all the customers I wanted to stitch ornaments for done. But there's always 2017 to start early.

We had our extended family Christmas, with game gift. Aunt Trish won the Dear Pluto.  My Nanny won the HP piece, but I think she wound up trading gifts with my cousin Rachel instead. Guess she's not really a PotterHead ;)

Barry enjoyed his ornament.

Cecile enjoyed her snowman.
Some of the other customers got initials for their gifts.

Just before Christmas, We went to the Japanese Village to celebrate a friends 40th plus his finishing the last exam & Red Seal of his ticket to be an RV tech (yes this is actually a ticketed trade. Go figure). We had time before the meal so hubby and I walked through Michaels and this little gem was put together on the fly 😂 *hehe* using a metal hanging, some chalk boar…