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Effective March

Hubby turned 41 on Wednesday. I arranged for his friends to join us for supper to celebrate over the weekend while he was home from shift. It seemed like it was a success (even if a couple weren't able to attend last minute. We're all parents, well except for Russ, so it was understandable.) We went to his fav spot Chianti's on Whyte so he could enjoy him some Fettichini Supremo. Its a seafood curry dish.

This week has been ultra stressful. We had our final court hearing against one of the neighborhood individuals. It went in our favor, which is exactly how we knew it would given it was false.That same morning, it was announced that my SIL's mother had  been on her way home from work & discovered her son (SIL's brother) deceased in his truck. He'd pulled over on the highway to smoke up. He'd had the window down; the combo whatever & cold Alberta winter air stopped his heart. This has of course raised a lot of emotions in the family. My own as well…