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Christmas is approaching!

8 days left until Christmas. It's going to be a relatively quiet one this year. Hubby is away up north working, we only have 2 of the 4 kids home and while we have a family meal scheduled Christmas Night in the city with the extended family: many of the regulars have RSVP'd a "sorry can't make it" to my Aunt.

Monday's have been fantastically busy at work with all the parcels coming in. I love it! There was a real dip in the number of letters to Santa this year (which was disappointing). I think a lot of that had to do with Canada Post changing up the delivery of replies. School classes (and daycare groups) no longer get individual letters to their students - they get a Class sized letter with all the names of the children written on it. This was set up so that there wasn't duplicate replies to children who may have also written from home.Great for the big cities...not so much fun for our smaller towns. After looking at various other Santa Claus/Father Chr…

November SAL - Ornamental Preps

This Santa's elf has been busy working on some ornaments for her customers. There's also been a few baby's making their debuts in the community so I've also started little things for them as well. On top of these, 40 letters to the North Pole have passed through my office.

For my Stitching Lotus Smalls SAL of 2017 Submission I've done a few ornaments:

From the Cross Stitch Card Shop (Nov/Dec '13 issue #93) I've done up a few of Lesley Teare's mittens. I folded them in half, which made them 2 sided but also a bit tinier than I had thought.
Right now I'm just collecting them and decorating my tree at work.
Boofle with Poinsettia was a kit from a magazine a few years back.

Reindeer Mitten

Snug Hugs Mitten

Warm Wishes Mitten

This Party Penguin by Durene Jones from the same book.

And a neat little chicken ornament.
This is the completed naughty elf from last year. He's going to go to my sister.

Our neighbour is having her 1st baby. She's actua…